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Pennsylvania GOP Reveals Plan To Fight Drugs With ‘Micro Bunnies’

While many police divisions utilize K-9 units that are utilized to sniff out explosives and medications, one Republican mayoral hopeful needs to see bunnies take every necessary step. It started when the Amherst, New York police proposed a medication sniffing bunnies as a component of an April Fool’s joke on their Facebook, The Philadelphia Inquirer […]

US Attorney Barbara McQuade Says Trump Interview With Mueller Will Be Mistake Because “Fact Matters — Not Puffery”

Previous US Attorney Barbara McQuade informed MSNBC watchers on the lawful technique at play in reports that President Donald Trump’s legitimate safeguard group is thinking about offering unique direction Bob Mueller a meeting with the president. The Politico report was composed by Darren Samuelsohn, who joined McQuade as a visitor of grapple Alex Witt. Witt […]

FOX And Friends Host Claims Adding Female Characters To ‘Thomas The Tank’ Will “Kill Them” Because Girls Should “Be Pretty”

The end of the week hosts of Fox and Friends contended about whether female “Thomas the Tank” characters “slaughter adolescence” by infusing legislative issues into the lives of youngsters. On Sunday’s release of the Fox News morning appear, has Pete Hegseth and David Webb communicated unnerve over the choice to add two female characters to […]

(WATCH) Mike Huckabee Unable To Remember Trump’s Pu*sy Grabbing Tape When He Attacks Weinstein:”I Can’t Recall”

Previous Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said on Sunday that he couldn’t review whether President Donald Trump conceded sexually ambushing ladies despite the fact that the now-president was gotten on a spilled Access Hollywood tape saying that he snatched ladies by the “by the p*ssy.” While showing up on Fox and Friends, Huckabee impacted previous […]

Roy Moore Calls To Impeach ‘Pro-Marriage-Equality Justices’ Judges

Roy Moore, the Republican Senate applicant from Alabama, was the included speaker at a Values Voter Summit lunch meeting sorted out by the American Family Association’s political activity arm today. Moore, twice expelled from his activity as boss equity of the Alabama Supreme Court for opposing government court arranges that clashed with his religious convictions, […]

Gary Bauer Warns:”The Left Has Become ‘An American Taliban”

Gary Bauer of American Values spoke during the afternoon session at the Values Voter Summit today, where he declared that the left has become “an American Taliban” and is working to take down Confederate monuments because “they hate America.” “We’re also seeing the left now turn into an American Taliban declaring war on our monuments,” […]

Wayne Allyn Root Prays He Will “Own The Wpost” After “It Will Proven ISIS Was Responsible For Vegas Massacre”

From the moment news broke of the mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this month, right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump–obsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root has insisted that the massacre was a “clearly coordinated Muslim terror attack.” Despite being unable to produce any evidence to substantiate that claim, Root continues to insist that the shooting was an ISIS attack and has […]