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Michigan Mayor: “I Am Not Racist, But Ni*ers Do Look Like Chimpanzees”

Mayor Jim Fouts of Warren, Michigan is facing some major backlash after an audio leaked of him using derogatory remarks against African-Americans and women. The recordings, which were obtained by Motor City Muckrakers, has Fouts dropping the N-word and describing older women as “dried up c*nts.” “Blacks do look like chimpanzees,” the voice heard on […]


Ken Blackwell: “Jeff Sessions Is A Victim Of Anti-Racism Obsession”

Family Research Council official Ken Blackwell, who is working as a domestic policy official on Donald Trump’s transition team, showed his support for the president-elect’s attorney general nominee Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions in an op-ed written for the Washington Times on Tuesday. In it, he blames the media for scrutinizing Sessions’ civil rights record, claiming […]


Karma: After Criticizing Obama For Issuing “Fatwas” Requiring Gun Owners To Take A Firearm Safety Course – He I Accidentally Killed By A Teen While Showing Off His Guns

According to the Press Herald, M. D. Harmon, a right wing columnist who often wrote in support of gun rights for the newspaper, died Wednesday after being accidentally shot by a teenage boy. Harmon, who was 71-years-old, was showing off his collection of guns to a 16-year-old boy in his home in Sanford, Maine. He […]


Trump’s Ambassador To Israel: “Jews Like J Street, Are Worse Than Kapos”

Right-wing politicians rejoiced with joy after learning that President-elect Donald Trump declared that he will appoint his good friend David Friedman as ambassador to Israel. Although Friedman claims he is “no expert” on foreign policy, he has not been shy about criticizing President Obama’s work in the Middle East, describing the president actions as “blatant […]


CU ‘Not Sure’ If Dr. Michelle Herren Is Racist, Since She Only Called Michelle Obama: “Monkey Face With Poor Ebonic English”

According to the Denver Post, an anesthesiologist who works for Denver Health is receiving criticism over her bigoted Facebook post about First Lady Michelle Obama. Dr. Michelle Herren replied to a post about the First Lady’s eloquence and also pointed out that she was a graduate of Princeton University and then Harvard Law. Herren wrote, […]