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Roger Stone: “I Have Fevers, Lesions And Extreme Diarrhea; I Must Have Been Poisoned By Democrats To Sabotage Trump’s Presidency”

During an interview on Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory show yesterday, avid Trump supporter Roger Stone claimed that he had been poisoned with polonium or a polonium-like element, which gave him extreme diarrhea, fevers and left his body covered with lesions. Stone, who insists that he is a regular “user of the InfoWars supplements” solicited by […]


Rep. Heather Scott: “Women Can Only Get Promoted By Spreading Their Legs”

According to the Spokesman-Review, Idaho Rep. Heather Scott had all her committee assignments taken away on Thursday after suggesting that the only reason the female members of the Idaho House were able to get promoted was because they “spread their legs.” The Idaho Statesman reported that Scott told Rep. Judy Boyle this after finding out […]


Joel Gilbert Wants Trump To Force Obama To Take A DNA Test To Prove Who His “Real” Father Is

President Barack Obama couldn’t finish his presidency without hearing from ultraconservative Joel Gilbert, the man behind the birther theory that the president’s “real father” was labor activist Frank Marshall Davis, at least one more time. Similar to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Gilbert is going to continue his “investigation” into the president’s fake birth certificate, even […]


Carson Refused To Deny Federal Dollars Will Funneled To Trump’s Family Pockets: “It Will Not Be My Intention To Do Anything That Will Benefit Americans”

While under intense questioning from Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday, Ben Carson accidentally insisted that he wouldn’t “do anything to benefit any American.” During Carson’s confirmation hearing for the position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Warren pointed out that because President-elect Donald Trump runs a vast real estate business, he can easily […]


Rep. Mike Conaway Calls To “Investigate Democrats For Bringing Foreign Influence To The Election With Their Mexican Singers”

Texas Republican Rep. Mike Conaway compared the Russian hacking of Democrats to Hillary Clinton’s pick of Mexican singers and entertainers for her campaign. Conaway, who is part of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed that Clinton’s use of foreign entertainment to attract the Latino vote was the same as Russia hacking government computers to help President-elect […]