Josef Cantor

John Kelly: ‘I Don’t Allow’ White House Staff To Pay Attention To Trump

In a meeting with a throng of correspondents following a presidential news gathering Sunday in Vietnam, White House Chief of Staff James Kellysaid that he doesn’t give staff members a chance to focus on President Donald Trump’s tweets since he needs them to remain concentrated on their occupations. Late Saturday night Trump went on a […]

Alabama Right Wingers: Moore’s Behavior Allowed By Bible So It’s ok For Us

As though President Donald Trump’s war of words with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un wasn’t sufficiently infantile. White House advocate Kellyanne Conway hauled out a schoolyard counter on Sunday, offering a rendition of, “Well, he began it!” when asked about  the most recent thorns traded between Kim and Trump, which incorporated the leader of the United States calling Kim “short […]

(WATCH) Evangelical Ripped Gop For Defending ‘Child Molesting And Nazis’

Showing up on MSNBC’s AM Joy, previous fervent – and child an a popular minister — indignantly attacked the Republican party for support “assault, tyke attacking and neo-Nazis,” in an irate broadside. Talking with have Joy Reid, previous Christian fervent Frank Schaeffer was unmistakably angered at the proceeded with nomination of Judge Roy Moore who […]

Despite The “Deal” With Trump, ‘Carrier’ Firing Hundred Of Workers

President Donald Trump last year struck a deal with the Carrier Corporation last year that was supposed to save American manufacturing jobs at the company and prevent it from moving them overseas. Since then, however, Carrier has laid off hundreds of employees — and Fox News reports that the company is planning to lay off hundreds more […]

Matt Barber Blames PFAW, SPLC And The ACLU For Texas Church Terror

During a recent appearance on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program, right-wing activist Matt Barber said that People For the American Way, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and other organizations were partially responsible for the church shooting in Texas last weekend that left more than […]