Josef Cantor

Al-Qaeda Grows More Powerful As ISIS Is Defeated

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) once spread over about portion of Iraq and Syria, asserting a large number of regular people and countless warriors from over the globe as a feature of its self-declared caliphate. Presently ISIS has been proclaimed dead in Iraq and appearances a comparative destiny in Syria, the other real 50% […]

BREAKING: Russia Used Facebook To Trick Macron Allies

The Kremlin has since quite a while ago denied French President Emmanuel Macron’s claims of Russian subterfuge amid his decision crusade, however three unique sources, including a U.S. congressman, have now disclosed to Reuters that an endeavored observation operation on Macron took put via web-based networking media. As indicated by the report, around two dozen […]

Trump sends LGBT critic to gay-friendly Netherlands

Pete Hoekstra, an ex-Congressman and individual from the moderate Tea Party development, is President Donald Trump’s pick for envoy to the Netherlands. The previous agent will require endorsement from Senate and the Hague – regularly a convention in ambassadorial assignments – and he will come back to work in the nation of his introduction to […]

BUSTED: White House Caught Further Exaggerating Scaramucci’s Boast About Trump

Last week, approaching White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci held a press instructions in which he bragged of President Donald Trump’s athletic ability with an end goal to show the president’s intensity. “I’ve seen this person toss a dead winding through a tire,” Scaramucci said. “I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a best […]

After Trump Announces Ban Joint Chiefs of Staff Tells Military no Change in Trans Policy

President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared that he contradicted enabling transgender individuals to serve in the United States military “in any way.” One day after the president’s unexpected declaration, notwithstanding, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are telling the military that they ought not actualize any progressions to the current transgender arrangement until the point when […]