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The Hypocrite: At The Same Time That Mike Pence Was Calling To “Lock Up” Hillary, He Was Also Using A Private Email For Official Business

According to IndyStar, when Vice President Mike Pence was still governor of Indiana, he used his personal AOL email account for public business matters, including sensitive matters and issues of national security. The emails, which could be viewed through a public records request, came from the Pence’s personal account, and includes security issues at Pence’s […]


Larry Klayman Calls To “Legally Kill And Bury The Clintons And Their Supporters”

Ultraconservative activist Larry Klayman is preparing to challenge recounts in three states where President-elect Donald Trump claimed victory in an attempt to bury longtime nemeses, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Experts from Cybersecurity have suggested to Hillary Clinton and her campaign that they request a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, to make sure that the […]


Michael Savage Cant’ Understand Why Trump Doesn’t Talk About Hillary Being Gay

Before the last presidential debate, right-wing radio host Michael Savage advised the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bring up a National Enquirer story about “Hillary’s gay lovers.” All he’s got to do is say, “Look, yesterday a big publication came out in the National Enquirer from a man who worked for you for many years […]