Scott Ellis: “Every ‘N***’ Born Should Be Injected With Cycle Cell That They Could Not Reproduce.”


Recent documentation has unearthed a shocking revelation with regards to charges that had been levelled against Sherpherdsville Mayor Scott Ellis that were seemingly quashed. This comes after the mayor admitted to assisting a paroled inmate in a bizarre trade for sexual favors.  Among the scandalous papers was Facebook correspondence dating back to 2014 in which Ellis promised to procure a pardon on behalf of a woman’s drug conviction from the Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, who was presiding at the time.

In a damning message, Ellis wrote, ‘’What I meant by you need something and I need something. You needed money for your phone and I needed a bj or sex.’’ To compound matters, Ellis reportedly complained about the woman  in question expecting to get a certain level of indulgence while not being complicit in meeting her end of the bargain.

Outlining the mayor’s demeanour, the head investigator, Lynn Hunt pointed out in a search warrant affidavit that at first, Ellis, ‘’was untruthful regarding any sexual contact.’’ However, upon further interrogation and presentation of the compromising evidence, the shamed mayor had no choice but to own up. The affidavit pointed out the criminal nature of the events stating, ‘’Here, having performed sexual acts for payment, this woman has engaged in prostitution.’’ It went on to add, ‘’Mayor Ellis, then, having intentionally encouraged her to commit those acts, has committed solicitation.’’

To add to Ellis’ predicament are allegations that he used derogatory language against African Americans. A one Lt. Col. Patchkin reportedly remembers hearing Ellis say, ‘’that every N—born should be injected with Cycle Cell [sic] so that they could not reproduce.’’

All this however, was not enough to sway  special prosecutor Mark Shouse, as he went on to strike the allegation off the roll. In an interesting twist, detective Hunt was let go for breaching departmental policy. Despite the strong case presented to him, Ellis vehemently denied all allegations. ‘’This is the first time I’ve seen [the Facebook messages],’’ he remarked. ‘’I don’t recognize them.’’