Scottie Nell Hughes: “Trump’s Adultery Is Approved By God Because He Is Still Friends With His Ex-Wives”

PhotoCredit: youTube

Donald Trump proxy Scottie Nell Hughes went on CNN Tuesday morning and claimed that the former reality star’s infidelity doesn’t count because he is now “friends” with his ex-wives.

When the Republican presidential nominee was asked on Fox News why he didn’t attack Hillary Clinton on her husband’s infidelities, he claimed that he restrained himself out of respect for their daughter Chelsea Clinton, who was also at the debates.

Hughes told CNN host Carol Costello, “We could have brought up a whole plethora of stories. You’ve got 17 women out there that involve Bill Clinton.”

“So, actually, I think that showed a little bit of grace, a little bit of class,” she said. “And I think there’s a reason why he’s winning by 17 points with married women.”

Castello asked if Clinton could have also attacked Trump and his history of infidelity with at least two of his wives.

“The thing is, he’s still good friends with all of those women,” Hughes claimed. “All of those women are still speaking on his behalf. His children are all still together. He’s always said his family was priority, his children were number one, they’ve got good relationships.”

“You can’t say that about Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and the women that have the allegations against him.”