Ann Coulter: “Trump’s Proved To Be The Head Of Church”

It seems that ultraconservative author Ann Coulter may have just lost it after watching President Donald Trump’s much talked about “fake news” press conference. “Trump is already head of state,” Coulter tweeted. “After that press conference, in my eyes, he’s now head of church.” This is surprising since Coulter is a known Presbyterian and should […]

Congressman Pete Olson blames Obama for North Korea going nuclear under Bush

Attacking President Barak Obama’s executive actions on gun reforms, Congressman Pete Olson recently said that it was nothing but an act to distract people from his (Obama’s) foreign affairs failures including, ISIS terrorism, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and most importantly, to cover up former President Bush’s failure to deter North Korea from […]

Pastor Gary Cass Warns Voters: “Donald Trump Is Secretly Muslim”

The Christian Anti – Defamation Commission, headed by Gary Cass, first made headlines prior to the 2008 election race when they put out a number of videos pointing out ‘’why Barack Obama is not a Christian.’’ Now, they are at it again, this time circulating emails in which they are fundraising for a new batch […]