Rep. Seth Moulton: “Gen. Mattis Is Going To Resign Because Trump Is So Crazy”

Photo Credit: Flicker

During an interview with MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA)admitted that he has concerns that President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis will resign soon because “his boss is so crazy.”

“It seems like Democrats and Republicans like Mattis,” Van Susteren pointed out.

Mattis has had success working with both Republican and Democratic adminstrations.

“We’re lucky to have Mattis there,” Moulton said. “He’s one of the only sane people in the administration. My only concern with Gen. Mattis is that he’s going to resign because his boss is so crazy.”

Moulton also criticized Trump’s immigration ban, pointing out how it can affect the statues of Arab translators that helped American soldiers overseas.

He “is putting lives of our troops in danger about his action,” Moulton said. “His Muslim travel ban is hurting our — I have to work with these translators overseas.”

While on CNN earlier this week, Moulton lashed out on Gen. Michael Flynn and Trump’s administration for not telling the truth about their contacts with Russia. “That’s the definition of treason,” Moulton told CNN.

Trump recently offered retired Vice Admiral Robert Haward the position as National Security Council chair, but turned it down. CNN’s Jake Tapper said that Haward views the White House as “too chaotic” and described the offer as “a sh*t sandwich.”