Don Trump Jr. Suggests Paying Afro-Americans To Return To Africa

As if the sting of not having a single nominee in this year’s Oscar awards was not enough, black celebrities have been dealt another blow, this time by Don Trump Jnr. The mogul’s son offered to foot the bill for black critics of his father to take leave of the United States

Appearing on ‘’Fox and Friends’’ with sibling, Eric Trump, Don was deliberating ‘’Super Tuesday’’ elections as well as the intensive assault that has been launched against his father. ‘’You know, it’s sad to see’’ he quipped, referring to the harassment. ‘’We love our father. He’s an amazing guy – he would do such an unbelievable job for this country. He’s an amazing businessman, he’s an amazing negotiator. He’s funding himself, right?’’

Don went on to envisage what he called a ‘’historic turnout for the GOP’’ because his father had successfully aroused the interest of non – traditional voters who would otherwise not show up for the polls. Countering this notion, Ainsley Earhardt, who was presenting the show noted that there were some showbiz personalities who, ‘’don’t think he’s going to make America great’’, contrary to the campaign catchphrase and baseball cap mottos.

To substantiate this claim, the network brought up footage of Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton and Raven – Symone, all black personalities, who voiced their desire to leave the country if Trump or any other Republican for that matter won the race.  Don however was not moved, responding, ‘’I’ll buy them airfare.’’ He laughed it off, saying, ‘’I’m more than happy to chip in.’’

The brothers were in agreement that the negativity and ill – comments only served to spur Trump further on as they viewed this as confirmation of his progress and firm position. ‘’These are endorsements for Trump,’’ the boisterous son remarked. ‘’That’s the thing  - when you have the establishment people in the debates, and they stack the debates with a thousand people that are all booing, those are voters for us. Because the people in the audience watching at home are like, ‘Wait a minute – he’s saying what I’m thinking.’ I love that. That’s as good an endorsement as we could possibly get. ‘’