Ohio Republican Chairman ‘Need Help With The Wife’ After She Refuses To Let Him Put A Trump Sign In Their Yard

PhotoCredit: 4newstalk.com


The wife of the Ohio Republican Party Chairman refuses to let her husband put a Trump sign in their front yard.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Matt Borges initially supported the state’s Republican Gov. John Kasich in the primaries, but has come around to supporting Donald Trump for November’s election. His wife Karen, who considers Kasich a family friend, has still not gotten over the loss to former reality star.

Matt Borges reassured the newspaper that his wife is no Hillary fan, however.

“She can’t stand Hillary,” he said. “She’s been friends with John and Karen (Kasich) longer than I’ve known her. To her, this election was really just basically all about John. She just wanted him to be president. She just couldn’t believe that not only did he not win, but he didn’t win to this guy.”

In an effort to change her mind about New York billionaire, Borges took his wife to a Trump fundraiser in Canton recently, ensuring her that he is a different in real life compared to his brash, crude public persona.

“I said, ‘Honey, you’ve got to see him in person. He’s just different.’ And by the way, he really is. He’s incredible in these small group settings,” Matt said.

According to the husband, she was impressed by what she saw. “But she’s still not there,” he said. “We’re still not putting a Trump sign in our yard.”