Carter Page: “It’s Proven That Obama Wiretapped Trump Because I Think My Phone Was Tapped Too”

According to the Guardian, Donald Trump’s former foreign policy advisor, Carter Page, wrote a letter to members of the Senate intelligence committee claiming, without any proof, that his phone was also tapped last year.

In the letter, which was addressed to the chairman and vice-chairman of the Senate intelligence committee Richard Burr and Mark Warner, some news reports were used as an example that the FBI could have used surveillance while investigating the connection between Russia and Trump campaign officials. Page claims that such surveillance would support Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower last year. Although Trump has provided no proof, he demanded that Congress investigate his accusation.

“Having spoken in favor of some of Mr Trump’s policies on other Fox News Group programs during the 2016 campaign as a campaign surrogate and given the peaceful relationship I have had with Russian citizens since my years in the US Navy, it may be understandable why I would be an associated political target if such sick activities had indeed been committed as alleged in the previously cited media reports,” Page wrote.

“For your information, I have frequently dined in Trump Grill, had lunch in Trump Café, had coffee meetings in the Starbucks at Trump Tower, attended events and spent many hours in campaign headquarters on the fifth floor last year,” he continued. “As a sister skyscraper in Manhattan, my office at the IBM Building (590 Madison Avenue) is literally connected to the Trump Tower building by an atrium.”

“If prior media reports may be believed that surveillance was indeed undertaken against me and other Trump supporters, it should be essentially deemed as a proven fact that the American people’s concerns that Trump Tower was under surveillance last year is entirely correct,” he added.

Page told the Guardian that he would be “more than happy” to testify, but has no evidence that his phone was tapped.

“My phone looks clean to me,” he wrote. “More to the point and if they were indeed doing a J. Edgar Hoover-style political attack based on my beliefs, nothing I’ve ever written or said on it could be possibly construed as breaking any U.S. Law … as per the false evidence and concocted allegations of the Lying Crooked Hillary campaign.”