Michele Bachmann: “When Donald Was Young, Even His Jews Would Say Merry Christmas”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann interviewed with End Times broadcaster Jan Markell on Saturday and warned America that the election of Hillary Clinton to the president of the United States would mean the destruction of America.

She praised the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his “1950s sensibilities,” “churched background” and vow to “only appoint pro-life judges.”

“He gets and understands religious liberty,” Bachmann said. She pointed out the discussion Trump had about the so-called War on Christmas. “He even said, ‘I don’t understand,’ he said, ‘When I was growing up everybody said Merry Christmas. Even my Jews would say Merry Christmas.’”

Markell advised voters of the hazards of a Clinton presidency: “The Titanic is three-fourths under water right now. You get another four years, another eight years of this progressivism, of this infatuation with Islam and caving to all things Islam, of the LGBT community rammed down our throats, rammed down the throats of the churches, and that’s going to intensify a thousand times more with a Hillary Clinton administration.”

Bachmann told conservatives that if they stay home instead of voting for Trump, it will “ensure that we will lose the United States of America; they will ensure it. They will ensure that every godless principle there is comes into this country.”

She feels that God helped Trump succeed in the primary because he may be the only one who can beat Clinton. “When it comes down to it, Trump may have been the only candidate who could actually defeat Hillary. What I kept thinking to, Jan, was the Book of Daniel, and the Book of the Daniel, the essence of the book, was that the most high God lifts up who he will and takes down who he will.”

Democrats, Bachmann said, are “allowing well over a million people from the Third World to flood into our country, bringing in diseases, people who are criminals, rapists, and all the rest.”