Michael Flynn Calls On The 27-Year-Old Dead Body Of Ayatollah Khomeini To Denounce Terrorism

Photo Credit: YouTubePhoto Credit: YouTube

Donald Trump’s campaign military advisor went of Fox & Friends and frequently called on Iran’s former deceased leader to denounce the terrorist attack on Nice, France.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, told Fox’s Megyn Kelly that “I want the Imam, or I want Khomeini in Iran to stand up and be counted.”

Twelve hours later he repeated his demands. “I have called out for the leaders of Iran ― Khomeini ― and the leaders of the Muslim world” to denounce the terrorist attack, Flynn told “Fox & Friends “.

“I can tick them off if you want, there’s a bunch of countries with a bunch of so-called leaders,” he said.

The problem with the former Defense Intelligence Agency director’s demands, is that he keeps calling on a leader that has been dead for 27 years.

Ruhollah Khomeini has been dead since 1989, after serving as the ayatollah of Iran for ten years after the 1979 revolution. Ali Khamenei replaced Khomeini as the supreme leader of Iran after his death.

This is an embarrassing mistake considering Flynn was once the leader of the most complex intelligence agencies in the world and should be more than adequate to “call out” sovereign nations.

There has been no respond from Flynn’s people since the Huffington Post questioned his gaffe in an email.