Lou Dobbs: “Nobody Asked Jesus to Publish His Tax Returns”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Donald Trump once again backed away from a promise Wednesday when he claimed that he couldn’t release his tax returns until a federal audit had been completed. Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs responded to the news by likening the candidate to Jesus Christ.

Fox News host O’Reilly pointed out that the Internal Revenue Service does not prevent individuals from releasing their returns during an audit.

“Why should he turn over his tax returns when he’s being audited?” Lou Dobbs, Fox Business host, responded.  “[H]e is facing a hostile national media that no matter how pristine those returns, it’s going to find something to pick at and blow up. And then use it as some shiny object to distract from the issue.”

O’Reilly countered that it would be a “good move” for Trump to release his statements because his honesty was coming into question.

“After the first billion, I lose interest,” Dobbs said dismissively.

“Is there anything that Trump has done or said so far in the campaign that you disapproved of?” O’Reilly continued.

“It would be so miniscule amongst the many things,” Dobbs opined. “Why would you even be interested in such insignificant things?”

“If he is Jesus, how can you analyze him?” O’Reilly shouted.

“Because I have a superior mind that competes at least fairly favorably with your own,” Dobbs shot back.

“Okay,” O’Reilly sighed. “Let’s just recap. According to Dobbs, Donald Trump is Jesus. And Jesus never put out his tax returns! Ever!”

“That’s a line that I can actually agree with,” Dobbs concluded.