Lindsey Graham: “Kill Ted Cruz On The floor Of The Senate, No One Will Convict You”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It is not often that death threats and talk of killings are encountered during a presidential campaign in the West, but this is exactly what happened in the US campaign trail recently. Reporters were left speechless in Washington, after comments were made by Sen. Lindsey Graham that if Ted Cruz were to be murdered no one would care to look for the perpetrator, owing to Cruz’s infamy.  The candid statesman spoke out, ‘’ If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial is at the Senate, no one will convict you.’’

This is not the first time that the senator has lashed out against his political party, as he feels it has since gone, ‘’bats—t crazy.’’ His feelings about the havoc in his former beloved party are so heartfelt, he feels it’s the reason why the appointment of the ‘’most dishonest woman’’ in America is inevitable. While at it, he also took a jibe at a fellow candidate, noting, ‘’Ben Carson is a nice guy.’’ He sarcastically added, ‘’He tried to kill his cousin.’’

Having dropped out of the presidential race himself, the senator from South Carolina even threw his hands up in exasperation as he queried how he could possibly have lost out to the current Republican contenders. He did share some light moments with the audience, jesting that it was a bigger multitude than he had ever presented to  in the time that he was running for the oval office.

The beleaguered senator went through a tumultuous campaign bid in which he prematurely resigned from the race. Thereafter, he threw his weight behind Jeb Bush, only to have him drop out of the race as well. Out of options, he was then spotted wearing a ‘’Make America Great Again’’ hat as he made public his support for Donald Trump.