Joel Gilbert Wants Trump To Force Obama To Take A DNA Test To Prove Who His “Real” Father Is

President Barack Obama couldn’t finish his presidency without hearing from ultraconservative Joel Gilbert, the man behind the birther theory that the president’s “real father” was labor activist Frank Marshall Davis, at least one more time.

Similar to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Gilbert is going to continue his “investigation” into the president’s fake birth certificate, even if his term is now over. Gilbert tried to stop Obama from getting re-elected by passing out copies “Dreams From My Real Father” to voters in swing-states.

During an interview Thursday with right wing Virginia radio host Rob Schilling, he voiced his hopes that a DNA test will one day be taken to prove his theory about the president’s father.

“I think I’ve put together the correct narrative on Obama, that the Kenyan was a sham marriage to cover up his mother’s affair with Frank Marshall Davis,” he said, claiming that it’s “bad enough that he lied to us about who his father was,” however the real issue is that Davis “radicalized Obama with his anti-white, anti-American worldview.”

“If we can one day get a DNA test on Obama, it will obviously show his real father is Frank Marshall Davis,” Gilbert insisted, “and I think Obama will simply say, ‘Wow, oh my God, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.’ So he’ll continue to play the story that he’s built his whole life that he’s this street kid from Hawaii who was subject to racial discrimination. And, you know, it’s a whole fantasy world that he’s built. And, unfortunately, if not for the media propagating his story, we would not have suffered these eight years.”