After Calling For A Military Coup Against Obama, Larry Klayman Now Blames Obama For “Organizing A Coup Against People’s Choice – Trump”



Although Larry Klayman has been calling for a coup to overthrow President Barack Obama for years, even went so far as to call for a military coup to take Obama out of office, he is now blaming Obama and Hillary Clinton for organizing a coup against President-elect Donald Trump.

According to WorldNetDaily, Klayman claimed that Democratic “sleazeballs” are organizing “an unprecedented evil attempt at a coup d’etat” against the president-elect, and criticized them for attempting to “take away our vote and steal the republic out from under We the People.”

After Klayman claimed that the Fort Lauderdale shooting was a terrorist attack caused by “the dishonest and incompetent” Obama administration, he asked his supporters to help his group Freedom Watch “eradicate these evil forces of the left, using all legal means at our disposal.”

The nation has again just witnessed a deadly likely terrorist attack, this time at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, again under the dishonest and incompetent watch of Obama’s intelligence agencies. The chiefs of these intelligence agencies, spending more time attempting to delegitimize the Trump presidency, have again failed in their mission to protect the nation – ironically, as also occurred in nearby Hollywood, Florida, in the days leading up to September 11, where the terrorists had conspired to take down the World Trade Center Towers.

To make matters even worse, since this election, we have also regrettably witnessed an unprecedented evil attempt at a coup d’etat by President Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leftist sleazeballs like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to deprive our new commander in chief of his office. In this way, they hope to deny the will of We the People and prevent the nation from any chance of “Making America Great Again.”

These evil acts by Obama, coupled with the phony claim that Russia threw the presidential election to The Donald, all in an effort to destroy if not delegitimize the upcoming presidency, is part of a sleazy plan to take away our vote and steal the republic out from under We the People.

To this end, after Donald Trump is sworn in, Obama and his hateful and racist wife, Michelle, plan to stay in Washington, D.C., to lead the campaign, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton and their band of criminals, to destroy the Trump presidency. Occupying what is virtually a palace not far from the home of the Wicked Witch – so much for Obama being the man of the people who lives and understands the plight of blacks and Latinos, for example – the Muslim King will hypocritically live in luxury like the white upper class “1 percenters” he and his wife despise, as they both work their continuing destructive evil against the nation.