Joe Scarborough: “Ted Jesus Cruz ‘Kills Sacrificial Lamb, Tyler, For The Sins’ Of The Campaign”

Ted Cruz’s decision to let go of his Communications Director, Rick Tyler, was heavily criticized by Joe Scarborough, an MSNBC presenter. The indignant host likened the beleaguered Tyler to ‘’Jesus’’ as he had, ‘’died for the sins of the Cruz campaign.’’

The fiasco began on Monday, when the Republican candidate made it known that he would be relieving his Communications Director of his duties. The reason behind this was that Tyler had allegedly brought to surface, tampered footage that sought to sow seeds of doubt regarding beliefs and values of GOP prospective candidate, Marco Rubio.

Though his associations with Presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, have come into question on several occasions, Scarborough alleged that Tyler had been used as a ‘’sacrificial lamb’’ by Cruz. He spoke out, “It seems to me that if Jesus died for our sins, then Rick Tyler died for the sins of many in the Cruz campaign,” adding, “He was thrown overboard for retweeting something, which he then took down, which he then apologized for. And yet, then Ted Cruz threw him under the bus, a guy that has been respected and a guy that was the heart of this campaign for a very long time. It seems like a sacrificial lamb at the very least.”

The MSNBC personality was quick to admit that though what Tyler did was inexcusable, worse had gone unchecked. In pointing this out, he quipped, “I hate when a politician throws a staff member under the bus and fires him to get a little bit of heat off him for the day when this entire campaign lied in real-time on Twitter as the Iowa caucuses were closing,” he persisted. “They Photoshopped ads. They did so many other things that were far worse. I’m not saying what Rick did wasn’t bad, but so many things were more calculated, more thought out.”