James Robison: ‘’Democrats Will Kill Babies And Give Over To Satan.’’

Photo Credit: YouTube

Renowned televangelist and religious figure James Robison proposed that all right wing members of the public throw their full weight behind Donald Trump during the coming election. He based his case on the notion that the Republican presidential nominee was ready for an evangelical epiphany and literally be the final hope for the American public in the war against demonic forces that look to destroy the country.

Robison sat down to speak with Sandy Rios from the American Family Association. He opined that in the event that Trump conceded a loss to a Democrat, the country would be handed over to Satan: ‘’We’ve got one side that’s already said the government is the source, that’s your security, that’s your future. That is a lie straight out of the pit of hell. And they say kill all the babies that the mother wants to terminate and it doesn’t matter how you define marriage and we don’t even protect basic morality anymore. How long does it take the church to step away from that kind of nonsense?’’

He continued, ‘’I don’t care what your race is, what color you are, what your background is or your heritage, you better stand against that evil because we’re shedding innocent blood and when you shed innocent blood, you’re going to be given over to deception, the whole country will be filled with the fruit of lies and there will be no peace. What we have to do as a church is say, ‘I will stand against that because I still have a choice. I am not going to allow the gates of hell to take over my country. I don’t have to give God’s great earth to the devil and to the destroyer.’ That’s what the church has to say and I think we’re real close to the church doing that.’’