Ivanka Trump: “My Father Allows Me To Work For My Brothers, So He Can’t Be Sexist”

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Ivanka Trump recently gave an interview to CNN’s Gloria Borger in an effort to defend her father’s reputation against sexism allegations by reminding her that the Republican presidential nominee hired her to work with her brother at one of his companies.

Donald Trump has very low approval ratings among women do to his history of grading women based on their looks, to personally insulting Rosie O’Donnell with remarks about her appearance and weight, calling her ‘fat pig,’ ‘dog’ and ‘slob.’

When Borger questioned Ivanka about her father’s sexist attitude, she defended him by pointing out her own successful career due to his help.

“He’s absolutely not a sexist,” she stated.  “There’s no way I could be the person I am today if my father was a sexist.”

“I would not be one of his senior-most executives. I would not be working shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers. I would be working for my brothers, if at all,” she continued, before claiming that her father is known for his history of employing women.

Ivanka seemed to forget when her father once stated, “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”