Rep. Chris Corley (R) Arrested For Trying To Kill The Woman Who Caught Him Cheating

According to Aiken Standard, South Carolina Republican state Rep. Chris Corley taken into custody on Tuesday after a woman accused him of beating her after she caught him cheating.

Officers from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office were requested to come to Corley’s house on Monday where a lady said he hit her in the face and threatened to kill her family.

The arrest warrant shows that the woman said she caught Corley cheating.

According to the deputies’ report, the state rep. punched her with a closed fist until he saw blood pouring out of her head and heard her kids screaming in terror. She claims that Corley went to get a handgun out of his car and when he came back, he pointed the weapon at her. He then threatened to commit suicide and then locked himself in the bedroom.

According to Corley, however, they only had a verbal argument because she claims he was cheating. He claims that he had to push her in self-defense when she attacked him with a closed fist.

Corley was charged with first-degree domestic violence and pointing and presenting a firearm at a person.