Glenn Beck: “Bill Cosby Rape Those Women Because He Went Against The Democratic Party”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Beck went on his radio program yesterday to complain how polarizing America has become. People will even be ruthlessly attacked by their own party if they dare disagree on any issue, like what happened to Bill Cosby, Beck claimed.

“Constitutionalists [within the GOP] are now the black population for the Democrats,” Beck said. He claims that any African-Americans who don’t support the Democratic Party and its agenda will be destroyed, just like the GOP is now doing with “constitutionalists.”

“I contend Bill Cosby would have gotten away with everything that he did his whole life had he not rocked the boat at the end and started talking about his community and saying, ‘We’ve got to look at our own community,'” Beck said. “Basically, what was he saying? The same things the Democrats don’t want to say about the family, the same things that they don’t want to say about Detroit; that the things that we’ve been doing and are being told to ignore are the problem.”

“You can’t have anybody think, you’ve got to shout them down,” Beck said.