Ann Coulter: “Only 0.2 Percent Of Soldier Killed Were Muslims; That Pakistani-Accented, Mute Hijab-Wearing Woman Makes No Sense”

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When the father of the fallen U.S. Muslim soldier, Khizr Khan, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, Ann Coulter described him as an “angry Muslim with a thick accent” then insulted his wife because she “stood submissively in a hijab by husband’s side.”

Even with all the controversy, Coulter continues to attack the Khan family in an article that was published yesterday. Like last time, she criticized Khizr for his “thick Pakistani accent” and his wife Ghazala for being “a mute, hijab-wearing wife.” Then claimed the Democrats were trying to “Make America Muslim.”

Coulter said the Democrat liberals are using the Khans as “human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies.”

Below are some excerpts from the article:

Khizr Khan, the Muslim “Gold Star Father” who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies. The “Jersey Girls” were the classic example, first described in that magnificent book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism.”

In order to shut down a debate they’re losing, Democrats find victims to make their arguments for them, pre-empting counter-argument by droning on about the suffering of their victim-spokesperson. Alternative opinions must be preceded by proof that the speaker has “sacrificed” more than someone who lost a child, a husband, or whatever.

Khan’s argument, delivered angrily and in a thick Pakistani accent at the DNC, is that “our” Constitution requires us to continue the nonstop importation of Muslims.

If the U.S. Constitution required us to admit more than 100,000 Muslims a year – as we do – we’d already be living in Pakistan, and Khan wouldn’t have had to move to get that nice feeling of home. So the “argument” part of Khan’s point is gibberish.

Apparently, sending out a victim to make their argument was the only option left for the “Make America Muslim!” crowd.