Joe Scarborough Wants The Colombian President To Replace Trump Because “He Speaks English Much Better Than Donald Trump”

During Friday’s show of ‘Morning Joe’, host Joe Scarborough admitted that he impressed by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos’ English speaking skills, and even said that Santos speaks better English than President Donald Trump.

Scarborough mentioned that while watching the joint press conference with Santos and Trump on Tuesday, Trump couldn’t complete a full sentence before veering off to some other subject.

Scarborough compared Trump’s crazy speech patterns to that of the textually dense stream-of-conscious writing of William Faulkner, who he admits to having a hard time understanding in school.

“I was as confused with Faulkner as I was yesterday watching Donald Trump actually sounding far less articulate than the president of Colombia, who actually seems to speak our language much better,” he explained. “It was a bizarre, meandering, wandering group of statements.”