Kellyanne Conway: “Female Voters Will Especially Vote For Trump Because They Are Thankful For The Sacrifices He Made When He Agreed To Run For Office”

Photo Credit: FlickerPhoto Credit: Flicker

Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday that Americans will vote for Trump because they are thankful for the sacrifices he made when he agreed to run for office.

“Donald Trump is closing with a positive message,” Conway explained. “He’s talking about his love for the country, his love for the people, what he’s going to do to help them solve everyday problems. And Hillary Clinton, unfortunately, has gone lower and lower. They’re going totally negative.”

“Female voters especially don’t like that,” she said. “They feel they deserve and should be respected to have a substantive conversation.”

Conway claims that voters are attracted to the GOP presidential nominee because he is “incredibly gracious and really funny.”

“And he’s doing this for all the right reasons,” she continued. “I mean, I think people will look back at this campaign — particularly after he wins on Tuesday — and they’ll say, we totally missed how much America just appreciated… how much America appreciated the fact that he and his family made enormous sacrifices to run for president.”

The campaign manager believes that the former reality star is “seeing the cesspool that’s become of the Clinton campaign and realizing this just not what people want.”

“I mean, this is not the Democratic Party that you and I grew up in, Chris,” she told Cuomo. “It has gone so far to the left, I can’t even reach my hand out and touch it.”