Joe Scarborough: “Trump Is A Sick Man Who Trashed The 44th President And Slimed American Democracy Based On A Conspiracy Theory”

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough went on an angry Twitter rave Sunday morning after President Donald Trump and his senior advisor Steve Bannon trashed the 44th president, Barack Obama, by accusing him of wire-tapping the phones at Trump Tower with no evidence.

Trump started the controversy Saturday morning when he sent tweets that claimed that Obama had Trump’s “wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the victory,” before adding, “This is McCarthyism!”

A day later, the president has still not provided any proof and has now even called for a Congressional investigation.

This bothered MSNBC host Scarborough so much that he described Trump as “sick” and claims that Steve Bannon was the one responsible for whispering in the president’s ear and sending him “swirling into a rage” based on a Breitbart column that has not been substantiated.

“Did Trump trash the 44th President and slime American democracy based on a conspiracy theory pushed on talk radio and website? That’s sick,” Scarborough tweeted

The White House is also accused of abusing its power by sending White House counsel Donald McGhann after the Justice Department to help prove Trump’s crazy claims.