European Crowd Boos Ivanka After She Claimed That Her Father Is A Family Values Guy

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


While speaking at the W20 conference in Germany on Tuesday, Ivanka Trump received a cold reception after claiming the president is a “tremendous champion” of families.

Politico’s Annie Karnie wrote that attendees jeered and hissed at the first daughter after she celebrated her father’s passion to help families.

Ivanka gets booed and hissed by audience when she says her father is a”tremendous champion of supporting families.”

According to Vanity Fair reporter, who also attended, reported that “the crowd audibly rumbled, booed when Ivanka mentioned her father’s support of women.”

The G20 conference focuses on women’s issues and includes “women NGOs, female entrepreneur associations and scientists.”

President Donald Trump praised his daughter Tuesday morning, saying that he was “proud” that she was a speaker at the conference and recognized her for “her leadership on these important issues.”