Congressman Pete Olson blames Obama for North Korea going nuclear under Bush

Photo Credit: Flicker

Attacking President Barak Obama’s executive actions on gun reforms, Congressman Pete Olson recently said that it was nothing but an act to distract people from his (Obama’s) foreign affairs failures including, ISIS terrorism, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and most importantly, to cover up former President Bush’s failure to deter North Korea from attaining nuclear weapons then.

Appearing on ‘The Sam Malone Show’, the R-Texas Rep. revealed: “The whole gun issue by President Obama, is just one big diversion.”

Referring to the President as the “Schmuckatelli-in-Chief,” the Congressman said that, he (Obama) doesn’t want us to “focus on how weak we are overseas; the fact that ISIS is killing Americans in America, are planning to do that here in America, the fact that they’re killing people all over the world; the fact that Iran is driving to have a nuclear weapon; the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons; the fact that China has built islands in the South China Sea. It is the complete failure of leadership from Schmuckatelli-in-Chief.”

Olson also criticized Obama for failing to stop a Pakistani scientist who reportedly helped North Korea acquire nuclear weapons.