Chuck Todd Invites ‘Grieving Benghazi Mother’ To Trump-Clinton Debate

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

During a conversation with campaign consultants about the strategy of Donald Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers, a former mistress of Bill Clinton’s, to the presidential debate, Meet The Press host Chuck Todd said the Republican presidential nominee would have been smarter to invite a “grieving” family member from one of the Benghazi victims.

Although Trump’s campaign has admitted that Flowers will not be coming to the debate, Todd questioned Democratic consultant Stephanie Cutter about how campaign advisers are playing head games with their candidate’s rivals.

Cutter supported Hillary’s decision to invite Trump rival Mark Cuban, but harshly criticized Trump for inviting Clinton’s former mistress, saying that the former reality star was “swimming in the sewer.”

“What Clinton and Trump are doing is trying to throw each other off their game,” Cutter remarked. “The difference is, Hillary Clinton is doing it with a legitimate businessman and also a celebrity. And, as John Podesta put it earlier on your show, Trump is just jumping right down in the sewer and swimming in it by inviting Gennifer Flowers.”

Todd then told Steve Schmidt, former McCain campaign manager, “It would have made more sense to me if Trump had responded by bringing  a grieving mother of one of the Benghazi, one of the Benghazi grieving family members. That seems to be the counter that would have made a policy sense.”

Todd, however, never said anything about the fact that after several GOP-led investigations into the Benghazi incident, no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton was found.