Chris Christie Says Trump Was Bad At The Debate Because Lester Holt Is Stupid

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia Commons

During his monthly radio show Tuesday night, Gov. Chris Christie defended the Republican presidential nominee’s performance in Monday night’s debate against Hillary Clinton, then went on to call the event’s moderator, Lester Holt, an “idiot.”

Many pundits believe that Trump started the debate strong, but then stumbled toward the end.

Christie, who is one of Trump’s top advisers, insist that the debate will not “move many voters.”

“I don’t think anything distinctive happened,” the Republican governor said on New Jersey 101.5-FM. “There was no big mistake or gaffe.”

Christie thinks that “under the circumstances,” he “did well” and “will do better” in the upcoming debates.

“He learns from previous mistakes and does better,” the New Jersey Gov. said.

Christie also had some harsh word for Holt, who challenged the former reality star a few times Monday, especially over the candidates support for the infamous “stop-and-frisk police tactic.”

Trump praised the program and suggested bringing it back. He said that is “worked very well in New York, despite claims that police were profiling minorities.”

“You take the gun away from criminals that shouldn’t be having it,” Trump said.

But when Holt pointed out that a federal judge deemed the “stop-and-frisk” law unconstitutional because it targeted blacks and Hispanics, Trump went on the attack.

“No, you’re wrong,” Trump replied… “It went before a judge, who was a very against-police judge. It was taken away from her. And our mayor, our new mayor, refused to go forward with the case. They would have won an appeal. If you look at it, throughout the country, there are many places where it’s allowed.”

“Lester Holt says it’s unconstitutional,” Christie said. “You’re an idiot.”

“Nobody tuned in to hear what Lester Holt had to say,” Christie added. “Nobody wants Lester Holt to be a fact-checker.”