Ann coulter: “I Asked Marco’s Bartender Cuban Dad To Make Me A Mojito To Toast Trump’s Amazing Victory”

Photo Credit: Flicker


Making strides to be on her good side is the advice that Republican presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio, received in the wake of a racially motivated assault on his family.  This counsel was directed at Rubio by Fox News in response to remarks made by populist conservative correspondent, Ann Coulter.

As has been witnessed on a handful of occasions during the presidential race, Coulter made merry of Donald Trump’s victory in the South Carolina polls held on Saturday by taunting Rubio’s Cuban roots. She made reference to the candidate’s father, likening him to a bartender who could make himself of use to her by preparing a celebratory mojito.

Coulter used what’s quickly become an all – powerful tool of expression in this year’s campaign, Twitter, saying, “Could someone please have Marco’s bartender dad make me a mojito?” She added,  “I’d like to toast Trump’s amazing victory!”

This came hot on the heels of a previous derogatory remark made by Coulter against Rubio, in which she reportedly alleged that the candidate was pushing forward an, ‘’anti – white men campaign.’’

Weighing in on the somewhat dire state of affairs, Carson was caught on record commenting on the recent backing  of Rubio by Mitt Romney which he feels will not be of much consequence. These views were aired by Carson during the Sunday programming of Fox & Friends. “Sure, he can get that side, great — nothing against Romney at all, of course,” he observed, adding, “But he’s already won that part of the party.”

Seemingly pointing out what Rubio would be better off doing, Carson concluded, “Shouldn’t Rubio be looking for the Ann Coulter endorsement this morning?”