Trump Claims He Built The Panama Canal And The Internet Goes Crazy

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

During a visit with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump seemed to insinuate the he built the Panama Canal.

“The Panama Canal is doing quite well. I think we did a good job building it,” Trump said.

The Canal was built in 1904 by the United States after receiving permission from Panama. Panamanian received control of the Canal in the year 2000 after former President signed the Panama Canal Treaty and Neutrality.

It wasn’t long before Twitter blew up with Attacks on the president’s comments.

That time Trump took credit for building the… by sarahburris

Understandably, Twitter lit up with attacks on Trump for taking credit:

Trump: “Panama Canal is doing quite well!”
.@realDonaldTrump, Panama Canal wasn’t sick, also you didn’t build it, so you can’t take credit.

@CNN Probably wants to build a trump hotel in Panama if he hasn’t already.

“The Latest: Trump: US Relations With Panama ‘Very Strong'” bonkers

Precious Liberals
Trump Speaks For AMERICANS both past and present. STOP reaching for stupid shit.. k? Makes u look dumb
“The Panama Canal”

@davidfrum Trump, “the Panama Canal is doing quite well.” The man is a total moron…He wasn’t trying to be funny… ENOUGH!

@GrayGeek401 @kylegriffin1 However, in their defense, many weren’t given the opportunity to overcome their ignorance. Trump has no excuse.

@realzoie @GrayGeek401 @kylegriffin1 I honestly don’t think that’s something you can claim if you have an internet connection to the entire

@kylegriffin1 Am sure Frederick Douglass would agree.

@diabeetus441 @kylegriffin1 It’s a canal that’s being recognized more and more I’m finding.

@kylegriffin1 OMG didn’t like George Bush,but in comparison to TRUMP Bush looks like a GENIUS.!

@kylegriffin1 Next month.
“We did a good job ending slavery”
“We did a good job with the revolution”
“We did a good job killing Osama”

@kylegriffin1 Tune in for demonstration of how Trump really DID help build the Panama Canal.

@kylegriffin1 The Panamanian president appears to be trying to go to his “happy place” until this ends. Good job with the handshake, tho.

@kylegriffin1 Every day we’re more and more a joke. Honestly, this hearts my heart and my embarrassment meter can’t take much more.