Rick Perry: ”Obama And The American Public Don’t Understand The Military!”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In case you haven’t heard, the American Sniper’s legendary legacy is being questioned as reports have surfaced that the famed marine actually falsified the number of kill shots he made during his illustrious career.  However, former Texan governor and Republican, Rick Perry, has come guns blazing to the defense of the mariner. He has blamed the American president Barack Obama and ‘’snakes’’ from the media who brought the irregularities in Chris Kyle’s military record.

In the past week it has come to light that the former Navy SEAL only actually could account for close to half of the medals he earned.  Though unproven, there have already been a number of high profile dignitaries who have queried and protested the reports. Perry is the latest public figure to join this arsenal.

“If there is any inaccuracy in Kyle’s account it’s that he didn’t take enough credit for his awards,” the ex Texas governor and unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate exclaimed. This is in light of the fact that Kyle had put it that he had received two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, ‘’all for valor.’’ Recently, insider Naval documentation showed that the ‘American Sniper’ in fact only got one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars with Valor.

Seemingly unconvinced, Perry called for certain military personal to be incarcerated for disclosing confidential files stating, “I am calling on people of conscience to join me in calling for the retraction and deletion of the offending article and reprimand of the Navy personnel who have fed this misperception with their lackadaisical handling of the original information request.’’

Thinking twice about his requests given that it goes against the constitution, Perry added, “This request might seem odd from someone who is committed to the constitutional freedoms our military fights to defend, but freedom of speech and deliberate libel are two entirely different things.’’

He then attempted to reduce the story to nothing but an urban myth, putting the blame squarely on Barack Obama, as is his modus operands, “Perhaps it’s a byproduct of nearly eight years of an arch-liberal in the Oval Office combined with an American population increasingly disconnected from the men and women who serve in the military.”