Rep. Brian Babin: “As A Man, It Was Trump’s Job To Educate Hillary When She Got Nasty”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Many people considered that the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made another blunder when he called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman” during the third and last presidential debate.

Although most thought the comment would hurt his standing with women voters even more, Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin defended Trump. He justified it as just another example of how the former reality star dishes out straight, unvarnished truth.

According to CNN, Babin said on the Alan Colmes Show that “sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

“You know what, she’s saying some nasty things,” Babin told Colmes in an effort to defend Trump’s comments. “My assessment is that Mrs. Clinton has got so much baggage… I think she’s done some nasty things.”

Colmes ridiculed Babin since just moments earlier the congressman said he was a “genteel Southerner.”

“So you support that Donald Trump said, ‘You’re a nasty woman?’” Colmes asked. “That, in your Southern, gentleman-y way, is fine with you?”