Prophet Beck Announced Ted Cruz As The Messiah

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Beck has always attempted to play a functional part in the politics of America and beyond. However, his role as host of his radio program does come with its fair amount of backlash. Beck recently took the time to address a Breitbart article that condemned him for instructing Mormons to mobilize and rescue the nation of the US, on a campaign for Ted Cruz in Utah. This was because, in Beck’s words, evangelical believers in the South ‘’are not listening to their God. ‘’

What seemed to rub Beck the wrong way was a statement made by Thomas Kidd, a Baylor professor, who put it that though “there are many reasons why devout Christians should hesitate to vote for Donald Trump … God has not revealed Ted Cruz as the divinely anointed alternative.”

‘’God has, in fact, revealed Cruz to be His divinely anointed choice,’’ Beck countered. “To you, Dr. Kidd. To you,” Beck answered. “To you God hasn’t revealed Cruz as divinely anointed. I understand that. And I respect your opinion on it. But here’s mine: I have seen this man’s life. I have watched this man. I have prayed about this man. I have prayed about it by myself, out loud, in quiet, with my family, with my staff, and I happen to believe that Ted Cruz actually was anointed for this time. Would there not be someone that was in the pool that might have the right qualifications for God? Is He that disinterested in all of us? Or is it perhaps possible that just like in the Bible, people were raised from birth for a specific time? Are we that inconsequential, Dr. Kidd? Are we really not that important enough for Him to raise someone up, at this critical juncture?”