Poll: Hillary Looses 33 Points With White Female Voters, Now Tied With Bernie Sanders

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons


Hillary Clinton’s wagon train pulls into Iowa on Monday as she looks to shore up support among women. And no wonder. While the campaign may have imagined they’d be rolling along by now with that key voter contingent, a new polls shows the wheels are wobbling badly and in danger of falling off.

Losing “significant ground” over the past two months as she struggles with her email scandal, the Washington Post/ABC News national poll says that while Clinton still lies in the field of Democrats, “…for the first time her support has dropped below 50 percent in Post-ABC surveys, with the biggest decline coming among white women.” The news comes on the heels of another poll out this weekend that shows her falling behind rival Bernie Sanders in Iowa, as she has in New Hampshire.

The WaPo-ABC poll, taken as the Clinton campaign set about its latest reset, shows her trajectory continuing to spiral downward. Leading 42 percent to Sander’s 24 percent among Democratic and Democrat-leaning voters, Clinton has seen a drop in support of 21 points since July, while Sanders has picked up 10 points. “She has lost ground with most demographic groups, but the sharpest drop has come among women and particularly white women,” [the poll says]. “In July, 64 percent of white women said they supported Clinton; today, it is 31 percent, the same level of backing as Sanders, whose support has doubled among this group.”

Women are a must-have for Hillary and the campaign knows it. But any reset or re-branding of a candidate with Clinton’s name recognition is a dubious prospect to begin with. Throw in the continued drip of her email mess and it’s hard to fathom how more humor and heart can reverse an erosion of support rooted in another key vulnerability: 56 percent of those in the WaPo-ABC poll say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. With her campaign stuck on such a rutted road there’s little wonder the Sanders surge and talk of Joe’s revival continue to reverberate among Democrats.