Peter King Threatens To Commit Suicide If Cruz Becomes The Nominee

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

At present, the Rep. Peter King has made it abundantly clear that he is not yet in a position to approve any one of the presidential candidates. He has however made it known that he is against one specific Republican candidate.

King made an appearance on Thursday afternoon, on the Business Network, hosted by Fox, where he mentioned that he was appreciative of Donald Trump’s backing when it came to previous topics such as investigations of Muslim fundamentalism in America. He however made a U – turn, pointing out that the attacks made by Trump on John McCain as well as the insinuation that former president George W. Bush was untruthful about the Iraqi siege were to his distaste.

These remarks however, were nothing compared to the scathing statements he had in store for Ted Cruz. “With Donald Trump, I’ve had some real issues with him. On the other hand, in no way am I comparing him to Ted Cruz,” King opined. “Ted Cruz — anyone in New York who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz is a nut!”

The host of the show, Trish Regan then questioned the representative, asking, “What if Ted Cruz is the nominee, Congressman King? What if Ted Cruz is the nominee — what do you do, then?” King was quick to cut her off, “I tell you, I don’t know — I’ll get some cyanide,” King started. “I don’t know what I’ll do. I mean, I’ll just — you know, not gonna tell you.”

A bit taken aback by the response, Regan went on, ‘’Will you vote for him?’’ “Listen, put it this way: I will endorse the nominee of the party,” King summarized. “But it wouldn’t be the most, you know, vociferous support.”

Only a year ago, in the early stages of the presidential run, King had considered other ways of ending his life if Cruz ended up being the nominee. This is a result of the long standing feud between the two, due to matters such as Cruz’s involvement in the 2013 shutdown of government, and the fact that “he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate” with anyone.