Newt Gingrich: “Trump Is Brilliant Because He His Tweeting No Matter If It’s Stupid Or Brilliant”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

During an interview with Fox News Sunday, former House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich claims that Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is a sign of a new age of communication so people should get used to it whether “it’s brilliant or stupid.”

Gingrich told host Chris Wallace that had a suggestion for whomever gets upset about the President-elect tweeting all his thoughts with little regard of how it might affect the rest of the world.

“We might as well get used to it,” Gingrich said. “This is who he is and how he’s gonna operate. Whether it’s brilliant or stupid, he beat 16 rivals, then he beat Hillary Clinton and he beat the elite media. He ain’t giving it up.”

“Do you think it’s brilliant or stupid?” Wallace asked.

“I think it’s brilliant,” Gingrich answered. “Because, first of all, he’s able very quickly, over and over again, to set the agenda. And at almost no cost.”