Mitch McConnell Promises To ‘’Drop Trump Like A Hot Rock If He Is The Nominee’’

PhotoCredit: Flicker

It is D – day and for the Republicans, a startling reality seems to be looming, contemplating Donald Trump as the ultimate nominee for presidency. This has been the subject of discussion making the rounds in undisclosed deliberations being had by the GOP.

In this time the party would typically be building a plan of action against the successful Democrat nominee for office. However, Republican stalwarts have been so flustered at the thought of the outspoken mogul taking the reins of the Grand Old Party to an extent that Mitch McConnell, who holds the Senate Majority Leader office, has stepped forward, urging fellow contenders to disassociate themselves from the entrepreneur.

McConnell, as was put by the New York Times, was caught on record encouraging senatorial aspirants to go to press with denigrating sentiments against Trump, in the event that he starts negatively affecting their efforts. Being of the opinion that the Republican frontrunner will suffer an embarrassing defeat, the senators were urged to brace themselves and fortify their camps in the face of a prospective Clinton administration.

The Senate head emphasized his political clout, even during the previous Clinton administration and shared with colleagues, the fact that the Republican party was set to toss Trump ‘’like a hot rock’’ if he were to be the eventual nominee.

Donald Trump’s track record is not all too impressive and it seems this is something that is driving funders of the party away. These were the sentiments that were voiced by most who were at a classified presentation that was arranged by conformist billionaires, Charles G. and David H. Koch. It seems the fear lies in investing with Trump, as this is seen as a sure path to failure and money being wasted.

The party ‘s membership has been left stumped at the outlook of Trump heading the race.  Former Governor Michael O. Leavitt from Utah, remarked, ‘’There is no mechanism ‘’ adding, ‘’There is no smoke – filled room. If there is, I’ve never seen it, nor do I know anyone who has. This is going to play out in the way that it will.’’