Mitch McConnell Calls On Democrats To Stop Whining About Ethics Nonsense

PhotoCredit: Flicker

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it known on Sunday morning that he plans on forcing the Senate to start hearings on Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees even though most of them have not been cleared of potential conflicts of interest.

Walter M. Shaub Jr., director of the Office of Government Ethics, said on Friday that he was feeling “undue pressure” to “rush through these important reviews.”

During an interview on Face the Nation, McConnell claimed that the unanswered questions about nominee’s history and financial interest were just “procedural complaints” that shouldn’t matter since Trump won.

Several Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, have been pushing for the hearing process to slow down so that the candidates can be properly vetted, but McConnell acts like it’s not a big deal.

“The Democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election,” McConnell said before adding that “Republicans found themselves in similar territory eight years ago when President Obama was elected.”

“What did we do? We confirmed seven Cabinet appointments the day President Obama was sworn in. We didn’t like most of them, either. But he won the election,” McConnell explained. “So all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the White House, but having lost the Senate. I understand that. But we need to, sort of, grow up here and get past that.”