Michelle Bachmann “There Is No Difference Between Obama And Lubitz”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Bachmann has compared president Obama to Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of the Germanwings airplane. She thinks that Obama’s Iran deal can be harmful for the 300 million people of the United States, just as Lubitz was for the 150 people on his flight. “Obama is a deranged pilot flying his entire nation into the rocks”, she posted on Facebook.

The co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, is accused of intentionally crashing the plane in the French Alps, on March 24. All 150 passengers and crew members died in this terrible crash. The motive is still under investigation, but speculations about Lubitz’s medical condition are popping out every day. Investigators are trying to figure out whether he suffered from something that would cause him to lose his pilot’s license.

Bachmann’s Facebook post triggered many negative comments. Melissa Coca, for example, said that Bachmann’s comparison is “moronic and despicable”, while Michael J. Prishtash said that “she should be ashamed”, and that her “allusion is inappropriate and divisive”. She has also been accused of taking desperate measures just to stay in the public eye. Lynda Anderson called her “pathethic”.

As a reminder, negotiations are coming down to the wire between Iran, the US and other nations on restricting Tehran’s nuclear program to prevent the ability to develop an atomic bomb. Michelle Bachmann openly said that the president should bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to prevent a catastrophic change of the world.

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