Louie Gohmert: “Only A Democrat Can Ever Became A Dictator In America”


After some conservative expressed concern of Donald Trump’s dictatorial tendencies, Rep. Louie Gohmert told Breitbart News Saturday that “there will not be a Republican dictator in my lifetime,” only Hillary Clinton “has a great chance to be a dictator.”

“Look, I know there are a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, Donald Trump will be a dictator, Donald Trump will be worse than Hillary,’” the Texas rep. said. “Let me tell you, that’s garbage.”

Gohmert, a Republican claims that “there will not be a Republican dictator in my lifetime” since “Republicans turn on Republicans that are defying the law.”

“There will not be a Republican dictator, not Trump, not anybody,” he said. “The only chance for a dictator in America will be a Democrat. Why? Because when the Democrats violate the law, unlike Republicans, Democrats circle the wagons, they protect them at all costs, it doesn’t matter how heinous the crime, especially if it’s president. Hillary has a great chance to be a dictator. If she’s president, she can forget the Constitution.”

Gohmert insisted that FBI Director James Comey is “allegiant to a fault to the Democratic Party” but was forced to announce that there might be new emails involving Clinton’s unlawful use of a private server because “good” FBI agents insisted that that they will go public or quit if he didn’t.