Lindsey Graham: “Obama Was Not Entitled To Fill Scalia’s Seat Because That’s Not How The Constitution Was Written”

Photo Credit: YouTube

During a town hall in South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham faced a tough crowed as many people were eager to voice their anger over how the GOP prohibited hearings for Judge Merrick Garland to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court.

While throwing his support behind Judge Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the seat left vacant by Antonin Scalia, Graham tried to explain to the booing crowed about how America works.

Graham claims that President Barack Obama did not have the right to fill the seat because, “Scalia died in February after three primaries had started a week before the South Carolina primary.”

“Everyone that boos Judge Gorsuch, you’re not persuading me at all,” Graham told the angry crowd. “Matter of fact, if you can’t understand this is a qualified nominee, then you’re not listening.”

“If you don’t understand that elections matter, then you don’t understand America,” the senator continued as the booing grew louder. “If you think that only liberals can get their nominees and a conservative can’t, then you don’t understand America. And I don’t believe that the Constitution was written so that you get everything you want and I get nothing. That’s not the way the Constitution was written.”

“I didn’t vote for Obama, but he won and he had the right to pick qualified people. I didn’t vote for Trump, but he won and he’s got the right to pick qualified people,” he said the crowd began chanting on top of the booing. “And I’m asking no more of the Democratic Party than I ask of myself.”

“So I’m going to vote for Neil Gorsuch. If they try to filibuster him, they’ll be turning the country upside down and it will be a sad day and I will vote, if necessary, to the change the rules,” he threatened.