Larry Klayman Calls To “Legally Kill And Bury The Clintons And Their Supporters”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

Ultraconservative activist Larry Klayman is preparing to challenge recounts in three states where President-elect Donald Trump claimed victory in an attempt to bury longtime nemeses, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Experts from Cybersecurity have suggested to Hillary Clinton and her campaign that they request a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, to make sure that the results were not tampered with by hackers. Klayman is now accusing her of trying to invalidate the reelection results.
“We need to finish the Clintons off, legally. They need to be dead and buried, legally, because they’re going to come back like the Wicked Witch. A house needs to be dropped on her right now,” Klayman told Newsmax TV.
Klayman, along with his group Freedom Watch, plans to intercede on the recount effort, just like his previous group, Judicial Watch, did during the Bush-Gore election in 2000.
“We just want a fair result, we’re not favoring anybody,” Klayman said. “But these people are criminals, they’re crooks.”
Klayman is planning on raising the $7 million to go forward with the recounts, just as Green Party candidate Jill Stein did.
“We know the Democrats engage in fraud on a regular basis,” Klayman said.