Kellyanne Conway: “Trump Has The Right To Attack Lewis Because Obama And Clinton Both Agree He Is A Walking Wounded”

Photo Credit: Flicker

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior advisor, defended the president-elect’s criticism of Rep. John Lewis, claiming that Trump should be allowed to respond because his presidency is the “walking wounded.”

During an interview with MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren, Conway was obviously frustrated when the host questioned why Trump must respond to every criticism.

“The problem is, sometimes it’s not about being right or who is to blame or something,” Van Susteren lectured. “I’m just wondering, as we try to come together on this very important day, and in light of the fact that Congressman Lewis spoke first and shouldn’t have said illegitimate, it would be a good gesture by one of them that maybe we can resolve this for the rest of us?”

Conway said Trump “would welcome a call from Congressman Lewis as well,” before pointing out that Trump met with Martin Luther King III on Monday.

“At the same time, you know Greta, it’s a lot,” Conway continued. “If you work at the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump White House, it’s like being the walking wounded, right? Everybody’s always gunning for us and we’re supposed to look the other way at all times?”

“This man [Trump] was elected fairly and squarely. He is everyone’s president. He’s a legitimate president. You know who agrees with that? Barack Obama agrees with that, Hillary Clinton agrees with that,” Conway concluded.