Kellyanne Conway: “Trump ‘Donates Millions’ By Employing Tens Of Thousands Of People For His Businesses”

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While giving an interview to CNN’s New Day host Alisyn Camerota, Kellyanne Conway claims that the media is unfairly “badgering” the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about his refusal to show proof that he donates his own money to charity.

After Camerota pointed out that Trump refuses to release his tax returns because his businesses are under audit, she asked his campaign manager if she could show a letter from the IRS, proving that he is under audit.

“I don’t know,” Conway shrugged. “Why? Are you calling him a liar?”

“And we’re taking Hillary Clinton’s word for she was ‘overheated’,” she added. “I mean, seriously, we’re running against a Clinton and we’re going to challenge someone’s veracity?”

Camerota then asked if the campaign could show proof to support Trump’s running mate Mike Pence’s insistence that the former reality star donated “tens of millions” to charity.

“Donald Trump has been incredibly generous over the course of his life with his own money and his foundation’s money, which is his money,” Conway insisted.

“No,” Camerota interrupted. “The foundation’s money are other people who contributed to his foundation.”

“Okay,” Conway scoffed. “Are we going to actually question that Hillary Clinton and her husband made almost a quarter of a billion dollars and we’re supposed to just question — and that’s okay?”

In an effort to turn the attention away from Trump’s questionable donations, Conway began to attack Clinton for describing some of Trump’s voters as “deplorable.”

“I’m a capitalist, I just wish she would respect the hardworking men and women of this country who she thinks are a bunch of uneducated rubes coming down from the hills with no teeth and long fingernails, and just, you know, they need to be schooled by this precious woman in New York,” Conway said. “Do we even want a president of the United States who laughs at Americans?”

But Camerota refused to be sidetracked: “Part of why people are calling for him to release his taxes is so that we do know how he himself has given to charity. Will you or the campaign release exactly what that number is?”

“I doubted it,” Conway said. “This is like badgering. In other words, I don’t see it as journalism. I see it as badgering. In other words, we’ve had this conversation so many times on so many different networks, and yet, we’re not having conversations about what the middle class tax relief would actually mean for people’s wage stagnation.”

“How is it badgering to ask for the evidence of a claim?” Camerota wondered. “If Mike Pence is saying ‘tens of millions’ of dollars from Donald Trump, shouldn’t we see the evidence.”