Kayleigh McEnany Says CNN Doesn’t Understand President Trump Because They Are Not Watching FOX News

PhotoCredit: YouTube

According to Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, it doesn’t matter that the President is making up terrorist attacks in Sweden, it only matter what his supporters believe.

In defense of his false statement, Trump said on Sunday that he was talking about a segment he watched on Fox News the night before his rally in which crime and refugees in Sweden were examined. McEnany claims that Trump’s supporters already knew that.

“There is a case to be made that there is some sort of link between the refugee entry into Sweden and the rise in crime,” argued McEnany, who worked as a Trump surrogate during the presidential campaign. “Look, some people might dispute that and say it’s linked to changes in Swedish laws, but there has been an increase in violence.”

“He has a case to be made, and I understand the way he structured his sentence might have not made it clear to some — but it was clear to others,” McEnany said. “I was at the rally, actually, and the person next to me said, ‘Oh, he’s talking about something that happened last night on Fox News. So, to some people it was clear, to others, it was not.”

McEnany described the feature that was shown on Fox News, in which, filmmaker Ami Horowitz blamed refugees for the rapes and violent crimes happening in Sweden.

“There are incidences, and whether it’s happening on this mass scale or not, we should all be enraged because one incident is too many,” McEnany said.