John Kelly Threatens That Trump Will Shut Down His Own Government If Congress Refuses To Fund His Dream Wall

(PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons)

During an interview on CNN, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly claimed that President Donald Trump will go as far as shutting down his own government if Congress doesn’t fund his U.S. – Mexico border wall.

Host Dana Bash pointed out that the government shut down could start as early as Friday unless a stop-gap measure is passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump.

“Will the president go to the mat and insist on funding his border wall as part of the stop-gap funding measure?” Bash asked.

“The president has been pretty straightforward about his desire and the need for a border wall,” Kelly replied. “He’ll do the right thing for sure but I will suspect he will be insistent on the funding.”

According to the Independent, Kelly is not the first person from the Trump administration to threaten a government shutdown. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on ABC News that the border wall would be funded “one way or another.”