Jim Bakker Calls On Washington D.C. Residents To Fight The Demons That Were Dressed As Women During The March

PhotoCredit: Twitter

Televangelist Jim Bakker spent a good portions of his show this week discussing his trip to President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C..

Bakker reflected on the inauguration with endearing terms, claiming that he felt “the presence of God” in the nation’s capital. But he and his guest, evangelist Billye Brim, had an opposite reaction to the Women’s March on Washington, which Brim claimed was “driven by demons.”

Bakker says that as he watched the Women’s March, he immediately felt “the most evil spirit I’ve ever felt.”

Baker expressed how offended he felt when protesters used “dirty” and “filthy” words like “pussy” and “nasty” – the same words that were used by the president in the infamously leaked tape of him bragging about how he sexually assaults women.

Brim insists that the Women’s March was organized by “the kingdom of darkness” and pleaded with residents of Washington to “control those demons that were in those women.”